Aug 19, 2007

Only reminds me of him…..

When losing someone to death there is no way to avoid the pain. Especially when that people is so dear to you, you just can’t let go. But just like when you wounded your knee, at first, intense pain will go away after a while. It takes time for your knee to heal, but it hurts less and less each day. It's the same when somebody dies. That doesn't mean you forget the person who died, or that you stop missing them. After a while, we can go back to our lives, still loving them and remembering them always.

Roaming around inside a mall my mobile phone rings I could hardly hear who’s at the end of the line because of the noise around me. It was my brother in law telling me that my father has just passed away few hours ago. My heart trembling I can’t believe what he’s saying but as he repeated I cried tremendously even all the people heard my crying I don’t care. It’s good my husband is with me he comforts me before we go home straight to my parent’s house in the province.
When we got home his body was already in the morgue, I was not able to kiss him goodbye. As I remember it was two weeks before he died, when he,my younger sister with her kids and my twin brother and his family spent overnight vacation in one of the resort in our place. He so happy then having his own bedroom, watching his favorite shows and enjoying his night swimming in a private pool. The next day when they about to go home i kiss my father goodbye but on that moment I kiss him again, not knowing it would be my last moment with him.

My father is a good man and he loves us all even in the last minute of his life he think of us not to worry or to be burdened. He wishes that when he die, he will not give us anymore problems of taking him in the hospital or taking care him bedridden. It shows how good person he was because almost the people in our town mourns, vast people go to the church to pray for him and gave all there condolences to us grieving family.

Three and half years when he passsed away but the pain is still here with me when some instances reminds me of him I cant help it but to cry inside. When our uncle godfather (principal sponsor in our wedding) passed away last two weeks ago I felt the pain again….. aside that UGF was dear to us I also remember of my father’s. I just hope and prayed that his family can cope up easily from their loss. And be thankful to god for all the good times they had together.

A prayer intention for my father, uncle godfather and for our love ones who passed away...may God grant them an eternal life.....may they all rest in peace........


maiylah said...

it's really difficult losing a loved one ... nakakaiyak.
Blessings ...

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