Aug 17, 2007

What's Anique Anik?

What inspired me most is that when i am up to something new or anything that would satisfy my curiosity, I will surely make it right and quite inspiring.
Anique anik means anything under the sun, the real word is "anik anik" i just mix it with the word "unique" that makes a little different from the others. I chose this title because it reminds me of the filename of the cd gave us by my brother in law. We ask for a copy of all the pc games he brought from abroad. It’s almost 12 midnight and we’re all sleepy then when about to save the file my brother in law put it “anik anik” as a filename. When I ask him what do you mean by that he just said “anything”, anything you want it to be. Here on this blog I will surely enjoy sharing my thoughts and memoirs every day of my life. Maybe by sharing my experiences and ideas in one way or another I can touch some ones lives.

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