Nov 4, 2008

WeekEnd Snapshot

We spent our weekend in my hometown in Bulacan for the commemoration of "Undas" us we call it here for All Saint's Day. After we took some rest I got time to play with Panda our pet dog in the house while waiting for my husband and sister to join me to visit our parents in the cemetery. We usually do some cleanings and prepare all the lights and chairs for the next day.

Me and Panda.

After that we headed to our sister Tina's place to take our dinner and to make a simple Halloween party. So I did some cutting of letters and the coloring were done by my nephews and nieces. Even my husband did his share look at the flying witch and the cobweb he just cut it straight from the paper with out making any sketches.

My nephews ZK and Djan.

Zk and Djan goofing around to do some tricks.

My nieces Loumae and Linlin.

This is me.

Where our parents laid to rest. It's still hard for us since we lost our mother last Nov of 2007 and our father passed away 4 yrs ago.

We went home at around 10 o'clock and there's so many people still around.

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tanabata said...

It's hard losing your parents, my condolences. Looks like you had some fun though to balance out the sadness. :)

Carver said...

Great halloween shots. Looks like so much fun.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to know that both your parents are gone.

Thanks for sharing these photos. Looks like you enjoyed the Halloween party.

julie said...

My condolences to your loss.

marites1034 said...

condolences to the lost of your parents. Panda looks like he/she is having fun :)

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