Nov 21, 2008

Food Friday


Our all time favorite dumplings from Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles at Glorietta Makati City. I don't usually remember there names but I do love this bed of fish with squid in the middle, crab meat on top and binded by a noodles. On far right a smooth wrapper for steamed shrimps so tasty and the 3rd one is some kind of meatballs with chorizo on top for my husband's choice.

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Liza said...

sarap! ayan tuloy, ginutom ako hahaha

happy ff!

Mommy's Little Corner

maiylah said...

sarap naman nyan, Ate Jho! :)

thanks for playing again,
and happy weekend! :)

spiCes said...

sarap talga ng dimsum!

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