Oct 20, 2008

WeekEnd SnapShot- Serenity

Butterfly Free

Butterfly, Butterfly so awesome and free,
spread your wings and fly to me,
ever so gracefull and full of love,
you shine like the sun above,
Butterfly, Butterly, so awesome and free,
I wish for the true love you've bring me to see,
Butterfly, Butterfly, so full of color and chear,
when I see you, I feel you so near,
Butterfly, Butterfly, you lighten my day,
and hope in my life you will stay.................

dawn bailey

Last Sunday after hearing mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Q.C. while waiting for the baptismal rite to start, me and my company take a walk to visit the grotto in front of the church. We saw this butterfly alone and seems so peaceful enjoying the place. Even we go nearer and took some shots he remained firm and no movement at all (thought it was a plastic butterfly). But after taking some shots he flew and never returned. We're a little bit sorry for disturbing his visit to the garden.

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Dora said...

U took the pic at the right timing! Well done. ;)

spiCes said...

cool shot! perfect timing huh?

Carver said...

Lovely shot.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a lovely flower and equally beautiful poem.

foodiejenn said...

I admit I am having a hard time getting pictures of the insects. Great shot with this.

My WS are posted here and here. Have a great week ahead!

EastCoastLife said...

I wish to turn into a butterfly too.

FickleMinded said...

and it's just so cute!!

mousey said...

paru-parong bukid lilipad lipad aww!

salamat sa dalaw Jo!

maiylah said...

ganda! sana ako rin, nakunan ko rin yan ng picture ... :)
love your "new look" Ate Jho! gand ng template. galing ... :)
sensya na at ngayon lang ako nakabisita ... 'lam mo na why. :)
ps. tagged you, here ... :)
happy friday

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