Oct 23, 2008


Got tagged by Maiylah over at Maiylah’s Snippets. Thanks maiylah i miss this already. :)

1. Do you have a broad sense of humor?
- hmm...sometimes no, sometimes alot.
2. Is it possible to have a truth without an opinion?
- can be, but depends upon the weight of the situation.
3. What amount of money would you shave your head for charity?
- i'd rather give the money for the cost (or more) of shaving my head.
4. Do you find it easy to be totally honest with someone even though it might hurt their feelings?
- no, it's very hard, but for the sake of that person (especially if it is my friend or love one) i will try.
5. When people you know are laughing to themselves while reading, do you ask them to share what is funny?
- yes,but sometimes i was carried away because of their loud laugh, before asking...:)
6. What stresses you out the most?
- right now when i'm in my practical exam in cooking class.
7. Could you go one full day without speaking?
- yes i can, but it should be with my computer on.
8. Would you rather ask the question or answer it?
- it depends upon the question before i answer.
9. What is the one thing that always makes you smile?
- when my husband smiled at me. :)
10. Do you trust in love?
- yes i do :)

Now I am tagging:

Elaine of Napaboaniya APAD
Anni of Hootin' Anni's



Will it this done over at my other blog @ Its Not a Weekend;Its a LifeStyle
Happy Weekend!!

Hootin' Anni said...

I'll do this tag, of course I will. It'll be sometime next week. I'll let you know when It's posted.

And, yes! I will add myself to your followers. Done!!!

Happy weekend.

maiylah said...

yeah, ako rin... i can go one full day without speaking. as long as the computer is on, or i have a really good book! lol.
thanks for doing the tag, ate jho!

happy weekend

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