Oct 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things inside my bag that are really important to me.

1. my wallet - aside my cash, my health card is always with me
2. credit card - in case I don’t have much cash for paying big amount of items.
3. atm card - need to withdraw cash if the credit card is not acceptable.
4. face powder- need to retouch every now and then because of my oily face.
5. lipstick - sometimes my lips need light color.
6. eye shadows - occasionally
7. toothbrush - want to brush every meal anywhere I am.
8. toothpaste - can't brush my teeth without this.
9. little bottled perfume - love to wears it anytime.
10. breath fresher spray - when I'm feel freshing my breath or no time to brush.
11. my digital camera - need to take pictures for my blogging.
12. mobile phone - necessity
13. my MP3 player - when I don't want the music on board.

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jenn said...

Happy TT!

Christine said...

I don't really wear make-up, but I carry pretty much everything else on your list. I carry my camera and mp3 player as well.

Happy TT!

Julia said...

Yups, check on all of those, have them in my handbag as well ;)

Happy TT!


Damozel said...

A list of necessities for every woman!

baby~amore' said...

I would agree with this is a good list .. I don't have a MP3 though,nor makeup or toothbrush/paste I don't get out much for that long hehe

Hootin'Anni said...

Thanks for the visit! It's nice to meet you---

Happy T T'ing

ellen b said...

What a fun idea for a TT! Never thought I'd always have a camera in my purse but that's what blogging does to you :)

Qtpies7 said...

Must have chocolate.

Harlekwin said...

I'm always amazed to discover that someone doesn't have a digital camera in their purse. There's so many opportunities for picture taking!

Um, how big is your purse? Mine's huge!

Happy TT!!

Nicholas said...

I have a few of those with me when I go out and about but oddly enough they never include face powder or lipstick!

Happy TT!

Helena said...

That was a Great list for your first TT. I will borrow it for next time ( If I remeber)lol. Have a great day!

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