Oct 9, 2007

Break Out Blogger Award

Got this award from Jhoaniquing of My Memoirs...

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This award casts a spotlight on bloggers who are just beginning to draw lotsa attention — the equivalent of a song with a bullet on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Lotsa good posts. Lotsa good buzz. These bloggers are going places in a hurry.

Many thanks Jhoaniquing for this cool award. I like tagging around.:-)
Now it’s my turn to share this award to the following;

Liza of liza-fluer
Joy of Joy in the Moment
Joy of Shine like stars
Ju of Just Another Day
Teena of It’s all about me

Congratulations guys you really deserve this award!


Joy said...


**"Liza"** said...

Ohhh wow gee thanks!you made my day!thats a really nice surprise!!thank you again!!

Joyismygoal said...

Oh my goodness thank you

snippets said...

am back, ate jho!
with another "surprise". ;P
do visit my snippets.

happy wednesday!

ju said...

thank you very much!

happy weekend!

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